Chronic Venous Disease

Treatment and Relief


Venixxa: a natural health product

Venixxa is an over-the-counter oral treatment that is a natural health product. It helps relieve symptoms of two conditions that, at first glance, don’t have anything in common: hemorrhoids and chronic venous disease. While the name “chronic venous disease” leaves little doubt as to where the problem lies (yes, the veins), few people know that hemorrhoids, or rather hemorrhoidal disease, is in fact due to disrupted veins down below. 

How is it “natural?”

Venixxa is natural in origin, as it all begins with immature oranges. Small, immature orange fruits (10 mm to 20 mm in diameter) are harvested when they fall from orange trees in groves at the end of the flowering period. But it’s not the delightful, round and juicy orange you’d be used to buying at the grocery store that goes into Venixxa—each single orange blossom produces four or five oranges, but only one will develop fully into an orange like those we might enjoy on a hot summer day. The other three or four oranges from the blossom never fully mature; those are the immature oranges that are crucial in the process of creating Venixxa.

Once harvested, the immature oranges go through a process of drying and grinding: after being left in the sun to dry in the open air for two weeks, they are ground down to a powder which will be the starting material used to extract the active ingredients.

Why oranges?

The small fruits from the orange blossom that don’t mature into oranges are bursting with a flavonoid called hesperidin.

A what called a what, now? A flavonoid, also called bioflavonoid, is a fancy word for a class of compounds that naturally exist within many fruits and vegetables and other products made from plants. Hesperidin is one of these: a naturally occurring plant chemical most found in citrus fruits. 

Once the flavonoids have been extracted, it goes through a process to further refine and purify it in order to achieve extremely high and powerful concentrates. It reaches a state called micronized purified flavonoid fraction, which is key to Venixxa’s benefits. 

Micronized Purified Flavonoid Fraction (MPFF)

It sounds like a daunting amount of words, but micronized purified flavonoid fraction is what sets Venixxa apart to provide those living with chronic venous disease and hemorrhoids real results. Our experts have found that making flavonoid fraction particles smaller makes them more bioavailable, meaning they can be absorbed more easily by the body, ensuring you get as much benefits as possible with every single pill.  

Before the micronization process, the purified flavonoid fraction is about 42 microns (μm) in size. To give you an idea, the diameter of a human hair varies between 17 to 181 μm. The particles are then made to collide with each other at unbelievable speeds through the use of air jets, breaking them into much smaller particles of less than 2 μm in size, smaller than some bacteria!


This means every Venixxa pill is jam packed with the goodness that immature oranges can naturally provide us, and have been prepared to ensure you get the most out of it—exactly what you want when treating chronic venous disease or hemorrhoids.

No matter where you are on your health journey, it’s always a good feeling to know that an easy-to-manage treatment that works well for you is also a natural health product. Now that you know what Venixxa is made of, the next step is to understand what it does!

We have prepared in-depth explanations about how it can relieve chronic venous disease and hemorrhoid symptoms, and all you have to do if to follow the links below.